"a dark, modern post-punk record with nods to noise-rock innovators such as Swans and Killing Joke" ~ Spill Magazine.

Innocence is the title track from the new EP by The Infinite Three. We are humbly offering to you, dear listener, a free download of this song to place inside your ears and brain. A smooth featureless pig is eating our memories. May you be reborn as a cat.

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During a UK tour in 2016 The Infinite Three stopped for a while at Sound Inc Studios in Newcastle to work on new music. Recording resumed in London in the first months of 2017. Assembled from the wreckage of hours of improvised music, Innocence is the first fruit of this labour with a sister EP to be released in 2018. The four track EP - Innocence, Hot Strings Of Love, Like A Dog & These Animal's Eyes is released 15th December 2017 on Actual Size Music.